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Nikon S6500

Mon, 03 Jun, 2013

Testimonial By: Jessica Liew — kota kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Camera, Additional Battery & Memory cards rcvd in great condition. Iam very satisfy for Vstore is very responsible in handling my order. Vstore even helped monitor my parcel tracking progress.
I've ordered a white S6500 which was out of stock at the time so the processing of my camera took longer than planned. Although Im not in Time to use my Nikon in my vacation, the seller keep updating my order while I was outside Msia.
I support others to buy at Vstore, especially when some camera model is too New and yet available in some town like the one I live. Plus, VStore reply my enquiries during my presurvey purchase with patient and fast replies. Do try to ask for camera accessories not listed in this web, you just never know, Vstore might have those available too. ^^

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